alfa leap – leadership exercise and action program

leadership live – training by doing!

Leadership Training in English

Our special issue on the subject in the area of Integrated Management
Training is an expertly elaborated training program which is based
on the simulation of management situations in the major departments
of a standard large company.

The action part of the program has in no way to do with role play !
Participants perform as executives in a well defined project, obviously
working hard to get best results in leading at least two more teams –
with their respective managers.

The main goal of the action is to define and give relevant feedback as to
the performed leadership qualities and behaviour of usually three selected
participants in charge of the respective managing task.
Leadership tasks are defined and discussed.

Usually there are three or four rounds of leadership exercise for up to
11 participants in a three days’ training.
The programme has been well established and receives high appreciation
for its remarkable effects on the transfer into practical leadership.

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